NY Mets 2010 Lineup

After yet another embarrassing defeat tonight, I was perusing the Mets’ forum and came across this gem.  At least these guys are having some fun with the horrible season, player moves, and injuries.

From WaxPax

With the Mets philosphy of looking from within the organiaztion to field a contender here’s what our 2010 opening day line-up will look like:

CF John from the advance ticket sales office
SS The Ball Boy
1B Joe the loading dock foreman
RF Charles the big Dude who works security
LF The tall guy from the grounds crew
3B Mike the visiting Clubhouse attendant
2B Mr. Met
C The Beer Man
P Tom the back-up score board operator

And the response from metsman77

Joe the loading dock man has a herniated disk and was forced into retirement. The tall guy from the grounds crew pulled hammy the other night well walking up his stairs in his NY city apartment. He then proceeded to fall down the stairs and tore every ligament in his right knee. Reports from the hospital say that he will be in a cast for 2 months.

When asked for confirmation Omar said,

“the tall guy did have a accident at home and is spending the night at the hospital. At this point he is day to day.”

Reporter: But isn’t he in a cast for 2 months?

Omar: Well yes, that’s just a technicality, our trainers declared he is day to day.”

Thanks guys, for making me laugh and putting the season into perspective.

Mets to Give Perez Yet Another Chance

I’ve refrained from my dislike of Oliver Perez for quite some time.  I had hoped that, at the end of the 2008 season, the Mets and Perez would part ways and his pitiful performances would be put in the past and the Mets could move on.  That, however, never happened.  Instead, the Mets resigned Perez to the sum of $36 million over three years.

Perez has never shown that he is worth $12 million per year.  He’s been awful this year, as he has been the last three years, yet the Mets think he deserves another shot.  This is after they said that the 2-3-4-5 starting pitchers needed to prove themselves worthy of keeping their starting positions this past week.  The only reason that can be used for keeping him one more start is that Perez has pitched well against the Phillies in his career.

The most boggling thing about this is that the Mets are surprised by Perez’ performance so far this year.  Perez is doing what he’s been doing his whole career.  He is a mediocre pitcher, at best, a disaster, at worst.

Oliver Perez gave up 4+ earned runs in 12 of his last 34 starts in 2008.  Perez is far too inconsistent to have been rewarded with a multi-year contract.  He lacks the basic fundamentals to put together more than one quality start in a row.

The erratic outings of Perez will only hurt the Mets’ bullpen down the stretch.  They will be worn out from trying to save and cover his mistakes all season long.

The Mets made the mistake of keeping Perez, John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey and they are going to pay for it over the course of the season.  Hopefully, the latter two can get their acts together, but Perez is on such thin ice that he just needs to go somewhere, anywhere else except for the pitching mound.

What it comes down to is that, as a pitcher, you are paid to give your team a good chance at winning the game.  The Mets’ 2-3-4-5 pitchers haven’t been doing that.  Perez is singled out partly because of his enormous salary to talent ratio and partly because of his inability to be consistent.