Rantings of a New Yorker began at just-a-webpage.com in September, 2006 as a blog where I could post my rantings on various things online. Over time, it became apparent that the blog was becoming very distinct and a new name and web address was needed.

Though the domain was different, the blog was always called Rantings of a New Yorker, so it was great to know this domain was still available and, in January 2009 we moved the site to its more appropriate home.

The move went almost as smooth as I had hoped, however, some of my earlier posts are a little out of order because WordPress didn’t work quite as well as it should when importing and exporting. Thus, posts made before 30 December 2008 might still be out of order.

Just a webpage will, eventually, no longer be used.

Enjoy the site, post comments, and have fun!

The Ranting New Yorker

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