Virulent responses to God Is Not Great

If you head on over to Buzzfeed, you’ll see a post entitled 25 Ridiculous Reactions to #GodIsNotGreat. For those of you not on Twitter, the hashtag #GodIsNotGreat was trending shortly after the passing of Christopher Hitchens. People put it in their feed while expressing their condolences as well as the fact that it is actually the title of Hitchens’ last book, led to it trending on Twitter. Ironically, everyone who is bitching about #GodIsNotGreat trending is actually using the hashtag in their tweets, thus making it even more popular.

These are just two of the tweets out of many that either threatened to actually kill people or tell the people to kill themselves for #GodIsNotGreat. Ironically, #GodIsNotGreat was meant as a way for atheists to pay their respects to Christopher Hitchens, who had just died. So, for all the ignorant Christians who want to kill the person responsible for the phrase, he’s already dead. You all feel better now?