My thoughts on the Christian reaction to Judge’s Ruling Against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Do we suppose the reporter in the video below, Chuck Holton, talked to anyone who isn’t a Christian while he was over there? We don’t know who he spoke to, what their beliefs were, and what questions were asked. We’re supposed to just take his word that this is what members of the military told him.

Why is his first thought that transvestites will want to serve just so they could get sex changes? Why is it that he thinks the military will magically change and allow people to wear whatever uniform they want?

He also believes that men will just hook up so that they can demand married pay, which means more money. While some idiots may attempt to do this, he is forgetting the fact that these will be heterosexual men who attempt this farce and that lying and cheating is against the oath you take. Anyone attempting this idiotic ploy he has just invented will be thrown out of the military. He should also look at the fact that marriage fraud is committed by heterosexuals too. Fraud isn’t just based upon your sexual orientation and it’s disingenuous to say otherwise.

Some points that Wendy Wright doesn’t seem to understand:

1993 was nearly 20 years ago. The hearings did not include any scientific evidence. Attitudes change. Congress changes. It’s the entire reason they are conducting the surveys again. We also had to force the acceptance of blacks and women on the military and, yet, we don’t say they shouldn’t be serving today because of old surveys that said white men didn’t want them.

Just because you have intimate quarters doesn’t mean that every gay person is going to be trying to check out your junk. Your assumption makes it appear that you believe gays cannot be adults and respect others. There are women in tight quarters too. Why isn’t she complaining about this? Surely women coming out of the shower on a submarine is just too much for a man to handle. Oh, wait. It isn’t.

78% of Americans want DADT repealed. 73% of the military are comfortable with homosexuals serving. Twenty-five other countries allow homosexuals to openly serve. They have submarines and live in close quarters, yet we never hear about these imagined gays that will be all over those good Christian military members because they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Gays have been serving in the military since Ancient Greece and Rome. Please, Wendy, go open a history book and see how this was not a problem in the past and only seems to be a problem in the USA.

Yes, there are schools for military children. What’s her point? Children, no matter where they are schooled, are exposed to many things while being educated. Wendy is playing on the fear that assumes the schools will start teaching about homosexuality if gays are allowed to serve openly. Does she really believe that military children know nothing about homosexuality or that there will be some sort of required homosexuality classes? Is Wendy really this stupid?

Anyone who is HIV+ is not allowed to serve in the military. Service members are regularly tested. HIV/AIDS does not discriminate on whether you are gay or not. She is propelling a myth and a stereotype that only gays get AIDS when the facts are that, if you do get HIV/AIDS, you most likely got it from a straight person.

Wendy keeps trying to hammer the point that the judge imposed her beliefs in this ruling. No Wendy, the judge enforced the law. The law states that DADT is unconstitutional. It’s called the 14th Amendment. The fact that no one has really challenged DADT legally until now, doesn’t make it any more legal. Wendy, gays and lesbians already serve in the military. This would just let them do so openly.

Given the fact that the Pentagon is already starting to comply with the ruling, I’d say Wendy is on the wrong side of the law on this one. Then again, she never really understood what evidence, facts, and the law were all about anyway.

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