There are so many things wrong with this image


For those that don’t know, Antediluvian means pre-flood.

There were no Cavendish bananas until the mid-19th century. If you say it’s a Lakatan banana, that’s from the Philippines. It’s unlikely they had those either. There are many varieties of bananas, but it would be difficult to impossible to transport them during biblical times before they spoiled and that’s given a generous allowance for the people in the Bible even knowing of the existence of a banana.

According to Wikipedia, bananas were cultivated as early as 8,000 B.C.E., in southeast Asia. According to the Bible, people didn’t exist in 8,000 B.C.E.

To the left of the Cavendish banana is what appears to be beans. Beans are from North America, thus none of these people in the Fertile Crescent would be eating new world crops.

Maize, corn and its cousins originated in the Americas. Again, these people are not eating any of these things.

The banana and the orange we know were created through cultivation. They would have looked nothing like what we recognize today. The Chinese wrote about a sweet orange in 314 B.C.E. and it is believed that is where they originated. Italy may have used it for medicinal purposes in the south of the country, but it was unknown until the late 15th century. Even then, it was a luxury good and wasn’t eat by a commoner.

Today, the high use of water required for the orange is contributing to desiccation of the Middle East, so it is unlikely that anyone cultivated it there in the past.

It’s a solid bet they weren’t eating turkey after the flood waters subsided. Turkeys are indigenous to the Americas.

No, after the flood, Noah and anyone else alive were still not allowed to eat ham. Do these people even read their Bibles?

Also problematic is the fact that men were supposedly giants who lived in deserts, but there was plentiful food for all of them. It also shows Noah as a giant, so how did he and his family fit onto the ark?

If their height is supposed to represent their age, it’s still poorly made because it doesn’t match up or make sense.

If the point the photo is trying to make is to say that people got shorter after being allowed to eat meat, then isn’t God also responsible for shorter people? He is the one who allowed man to eat meat.

The only plausible thing you can take away from this photo is that people were four times bigger before Noah because they were vegans.

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