Torture Killed Their Savior, That’s Why These Poll Results Stun

Last Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a harrowing executive summary of a new report detailing the CIA’s use of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” on prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay and other prisons. The summary described the agency’s willingness to use brutal methods such as water-boarding, force-feeding, and sexual threats, and ultimately condemned such tactics as inhumane and ineffective for fighting the war on terror.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and other former staffers from the George W. Bush White House took to the airwaves to try and defend the policies, but many such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) quickly labeled the CIA’s methods as torture, and thus inhumane. But as Sarah Posner reported over at Religion Dispatches, a recent Washington Post/ABC poll showed that the majority of Americans would not classify the CIA’s techniques as torture, and most — 59 percent — thought the agency’s treatment detainees was justified. Posner lamented this fact, but also noted another unsettling trend: Christians polled were actually more likely than the general public to support torture.



What’s wrong in the Exodus: Gods and King trailer

Watch the trailer and consider the following:

-Massed cavalry charges in 1300 BC. The first evidence of mounted archers appears in the 800s, and it generally seems that, since there were no stirrups, saddles, or much in the way of tack, horsemen operated in pairs, one guy holding the reins of both horses while the other shot.

The first horses large enough to be ridden by a man in armor show up in the early 400s. There’s a good reason chariots were so popular. It simply wasn’t possible to carry a lot of equipment on a single horse, but two horses could easily pull a couple of men in a wicker basket full off pointy bits.

-The armor is totally wrong for Egypt. Iron armor didn’t appear in quantity in Egypt until the Persian period, so Moses’ fancy scale mail is right out. The padded armor Egyptians soldiers are shown wearing is Ptolemaic, literally a THOUSAND YEARS out of date. Generally, Egyptian soldiers didn’t wear much armor at all, those that did stuck to leather as far as we know, with the nobles maybe wearing a bit of bronze scale or small plates.

-The swords they use are wrong. They appear to be a sort of xiphos…gladius…thing. Anyway, they’re made of iron and straight. The Egyptians of this period used bronze swords with a distinct curve, generally called a khopesh (kopesh, khopsh, however you want to spell it.) On the plus side, they did get the axes right. GG.

-Abu Simbel’s construction began several decades after the year this movie is set in. I guess we’re lucky it’s not the pyarmids they’re building, at least.

(Correction: They appear to be building a pyramid later in the trailer. Oh my god. An actual pyramid. No. That’s just…no. So wrong. So very wrong.)

-Hanging, as far as we can tell, was not practiced in Ancient Egypt. Execution was performed via beheading, drowning in the Nile, or exposure, but strangulation doesn’t seem to show up.

The last pyramid was built 400 years before the film takes place.

The sidelock of hair is also only for young boys, not for men.

The long-drop hanging seen in the trailer did not occur until the 19th century. The trap doors were also a later invention.

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