Woman hears God tell her to let go of the wheel; she does, then runs over motorcyclist

Still think religion doesn’t hurt anyone? This story is fully of crazy people. The crazy lady hears voices. She presumes it’s her god and he wants to drive her car.

The guy on the motorcycle thanks his god for not killing him. This is the same god that just ran him over with a car.

The nurses don’t know what pareidolia is and believe the supposed heart shapes and “angel wings” road rash are proof of guardian angels watching over the motorcyclist.

If you can follow the logic here, God takes the wheel of a woman’s car to run over a guy on a motorcycle so that he can show how great he is for having spared the life of the guy from the accident he initiated.

Jesus taking the wheel was supposed to be a joke.

Bryan Fischer: Studying knot formation disproves evolution

From Wired:

In 2007, researchers at the University of California, San Diego tumbled pieces of string inside boxes in an effort to find the ways that a cord can become tangled as it wanders around in your backpack. Their paper, “Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string,” helps explain how random motions always seem to lead to knotting and not the other way around.


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