Oklahoma youth pastor accused of abusing shelter children

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According to court documents, Timothy Shawn Cato, 50, has cared for the children for several years. He reportedly admitted to bathing the children – ages 7 to 17 – and touching their bodies while they are in the bathtub. Cato told child crisis detectives he regularly shares sleeping space with the kids in a room away from his wife and own child, an affidavit says.

Police said he used his status in the community with various youth organizations as a way to get children to trust him and, ultimately, abuse them.

“Some of the victims indicated that they had met him through a program at a church where he was a, what they referred to as a commander of their group, that would do scouting-like activities for boys of a younger age,” TPD Sgt. Mike Brown said.

Cato reportedly told detectives he would have the boys wear his underwear, some with an open fly. Documents say Cato not only fondled the children, but he also orally sodomized them and forced them to have anal sex.

“This is definitely one of the most obvious and disturbing cases of a child predator being in a situation where he’s entrusted with the opportunity to deal with these vulnerable children, so it’s certainly very, very, difficult to see,” Brown said.


Texas Rewrites History In Our Children’s Textbooks

Proposed Texas social studies textbooks may be flawed, but state standards are likely to blame for the imperfections.

In September, nonprofit organization the Texas Freedom Network Education Fundcommissioned a group of history scholars to evaluate proposed social studies textbooks from publishing giants such as Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill Education. The scholars found that several of the textbooks were rife with religious and conservative biases that they said distort history. At the time, the TFN noted that while it was important that inaccuracies be corrected, the root of the problem likely lay with the state’s social studies standards, to which the textbooks are expected to cater.

Any Social Studies teacher worthy of their job will not even use these textbooks.


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