Bad News For Wiccans From Heaven Expert Pat Robertson

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday told a Wiccan viewer that he was going to end up in Hell no matter how good of a person he tried to be.

“I’m Wiccan,” a viewer name Tim explained to the TV preacher in a letter. “Does that mean by your Christian beliefs that I’m going to Hell?”

Tim added that he was a “good person and I always try to help people when they need it.”

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Saudi Arabia Declares All Atheists Terrorists

A rash of new laws issued in Saudi Arabia aim to blot out all political dissent — and in one case defines atheists as terrorists. The series of laws began in January of 2014.

At the end of last month, Human Rights Watch issued a report explaining that “a series of related royal decrees create a legal framework that appears to criminalize virtually all dissident thought or expression as terrorism.”


Christian School Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

Lighthouse Point Police said Eric Beasley, 24, admitted that he had performed oral sex on the girl and that he was the girl’s 9th grade biology teacher at the school. After he was arrested, police said Beasley admitted to multiple sexual encounters with the girl starting in February and running through Wednesday.

Beasley gave detectives permission to search his cell phone and during the search, police found a picture of a penis and then a video of a man masturbating, both of which were sent to the victim’s cell phone. Lighthouse Point Police said the picture and video were of him.

Police also said that Beasley engaged in “inappropriate behavior” with the victim during school hours at Zion Lutheran Christian School.

Ironically, no one is yelling about these kinds of things only happen when God isn’t allowed in school. God’s in this school and did nothing.

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